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The picnic ride

Just ride to a remote place with a nice view and enjoy a meal and a drink with your friends.

We offer you our ebikes and the special picnic backpack. It has every accesory you could wish for and you can bring whatever snacks and drinks you want to serve. It even has a special place to hold ice for the cold drinks. The only thing thats left is the journey to find the perfect spot where you can have a intimate lunch or dinner, with a nice view, under the blue sky. You cand enjoy this experience for 2-4 people. You can explore whatever are you wish and we will gladly give you some usefull tips. It's a complete experience: you explore, you find, you move, you socialize and eat with your friends, all of this in the middle of nature.



Full Day





2-4 people

380 RON/ 2 PERS

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